Namaste and Hello. 

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and Owning Manager of Liquid Nutrition Bahamas.  I am committed to supporting individuals live a life of vibrant health and vitality throughout my everyday classes and interactions with others.  

I have always been interested in Health and Well-being.  Growing up, I knew that this was what I wanted to study and immerse myself in.  I love learning about the healing properties of foods and how to prepare them in a delicious and easy manner.  In my profession, nothing brings me greater joy than supporting my clients learn how to shop, prepare, and create delicious and easy meals that they know are healing them and allowing them to achieve their health and wellness goals; eating in a way that brings them towards optimal health and vitality.
Along with nutrition, a regular physical activity routine is essential to achieve health and wellness goals.  For me, I've chosen Yoga. I love yoga.  I've been practicing since I was a teenager and it's been a part of my life ever since.  Yoga is a therapeutic art form that heals the body from the inside out.  Not only do you become stronger, more flexible, gain greater focus and balance, you also release stress, ease tension, while gaining patience, improving posture and calming your mind.  You learn to read your body, hear your heart and tap into your soul.  It is an exercise to begin at any age and to continue for a lifetime.  I provide Yoga classes to clients to increase their flexibility, strength, focus and body-mind awareness.  I offer nutrition courses, health talks and radio show segments to provide dynamic information on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle easily and enjoyably.